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5 places for skiing in… Scotland

Bear with me here: I imagine Scotland was not the first place you thought of when looking up ski holidays. But the country boasts some beautiful ski slopes that are definitely worth a visit! You may want to look these up if you want to avoid the usual crowds of the French Alps, or don’t feel like crossing the pond. Here is my selection of the 5 best ski resorts in Scotland.


Cairngorm, in the Highlands, surrounded by the rivers Spey and Dee, is the most popular ski resort in Scotland. Known for its breath-taking mountains, the area belongs to the local National Park. There, you can ride on the only cable car in Scotland. Once at the top, dine in the highest restaurant in the UL, the Ptarmigan. With any luck, you could spot Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak.

If you still need to perfect your carving, you can book lessons at The Cairngorm Mountain Snow School. Children can learn ski and snowboarding there, and enjoy 11 ski lifts. For a bit of after-ski leisure, enjoy the charming surrounding villages, including Braemar, which houses the Balmoral Castle. Hey, maybe the Queen will happen to be on holiday there.


Glencoe was the first ski resort in Scotland. You’ll find the country’s longest and steepest slope. Plus, it tends to be less crowded than other resorts in the area. Known for the quality of its snow and its laid-back atmosphere, it’s a favourite sport for snowboarders, who gather on a challenge-rich terrain. To climb up, use one of the 7 ski lifts.

The Nevis Range

Nevis is the most recent and most modern ski resort in the country. Also in the Highlands, it is home to one of the UK’s highest peaks, Aonach Mor, which stands at 4,006 ft. It offers the bet conditions for skiers of all levels, and especially freestyle enthusiasts. More experienced skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the long black run, The Black Corrie. 12 ski lifts pop visitors to the top of the slopes.

For groups and those looking for more than sports, Nevis Range is a great choice, as it is known for its festive ambiance and vibrant nightlife.


In the east of Scotland, Glenshee covers 3 valleys and 4 mountains, and boasts the largest ski lifts system, with 21 devices. With slopes accessible for all levels, Glenshee is ideal for family ski and mountain holidays. It also houses ski and snowboard schools. The highest point is at 3,504 ft., and the bottom of the domain is at 2,132 ft., leaving a 1,372-ft. drop to play on.

Glenshee may be an ideal stop for those not wishing to travel far from the cities, or wishing to stop by Edinburgh and Glasgow, as it is the closest to those points of interest.

The Lecht

An ideal destination for a family ski holiday! At the heart of the largest National Park in Scotland, the resort has enjoyed important snowfalls these past years, if it is equipped with snow canons, to face the unpredictable local weather. A great resort for children and beginners, Lecht houses a ski school in which you can learn to ski, and shops where you can hire all the material you need. A snowboard park was built, so why not try out halfpipes and jumps?

So, for you next white holidays, maybe head north?

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