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Enriching holidays – where to go to combine culture and travels

Is lying on a beach not exactly your idea of fulfilling holidays? Are you looking for more than a ski trip this winter? Combining cultural wonders with the joys of travelling is a welcome challenge for those who like to make the most of their holidays.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here, and book a cultural destination for your next getaway? Whether it be for a short city break or a weeklong discovery, look for those places offering live performances – they make for unforgettable memories and experiences! Here are some examples that will delight show lovers.

Admire classical dancers in Milan

It is one of the most dreamed of forms of live performance. What little girl has never dreamed herself prima ballerina, captivating spectators with her grace and talent? Classical dance still captivates adults! You may know of the Opera Garnier in Paris; the Scala, in Milan, is an unrivalled institution to appreciate the glory of classical ballet.


Dance the tango in Buenos Aires

The Argentinian capital is the motherland of tango! In this city was born this art, at the end of the 20th century. It is nowadays deeply anchored in the city’s DNA. Cafes, restaurants, schools… tango is danced everywhere in Buenos Aires, down to the middle of the city’s streets! Those scenes make for guaranteed change of scenery and a caliente atmosphere!

Enjoy classical concerts in Prague

For the French writer André Breton, Prague is “the magical capital of Europe”. Not surprising, as the musical culture gives the city a definite special touch. Praised by classical music lovers, Prague welcomed many artists such as Mozart, Dvorak… and has managed to maintain a certain enchantment from yesteryear.

Discover the opera in Vienna

Should you only see one opera in your life, make it in Vienna! This European capital owes a lot of its fame to its musical life: many famous composers made it their home and the birthplace of major pieces of their repertoire. Le city houses a great number of theatres, and offers a varied choice: the Wiener Staatsoper (the Vienna state opera) is one of the prestigious operas in the world, but the range is completed with popular opera, where you could catch operetta and musicals.


A taste of theatre in London

Hollywood stars on stage, legendary pieces, original discoveries and massive successes… No wonder the English capital is considered one of the best destinations for theatre. While you’re there, enjoy a long-running musical as well – some have been going for over 20 years!

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