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Tired of the cold? Ditch it all and head to Krabi

The days may be finally getting (slowly) longer, let’s not be afraid to tell winter we’ve had enough of it. It’s grey, it’s cold, it may rain any minute now, and anyone who has to commute via public transport is perpetually unsure how many layers to wear (rush hour tube or bus sweat anyone?). This was all fun and games during the holidays, but now we’re dreaming of sunshine and distant lands…

This year, my exotic pin has fallen once again on Krabi, Thailand. Jungle, crystal-clear waters, fine sand and limestone caves, all the ingredients needed for a heavenly escape are in this south-west corner of Thailand. The region of Krabi just makes you feel good – and wonder why you would ever go back to your hometown.

Upon visiting you may find some beaches look strangely familiar: a number of films have been shot there. The most enigmatic may be the beach of Koh Phi Phi, which you may have wandered at in Danny Boyle’s The Beach, with Leonardo Dicaprio. An idyllic fine sand and limpid water beach, which would really make you want to, like Leo, leave everything to go live there – and hope for a better end though.

In fact, the whole area is brimmed with incredible spots. National parks, waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, caves, dream beaches … One travels to Krabi to rest, clear the mind, and breathe. Take a stroll on Ao Nang Beach, try a bit of snorkelling, get moving and climb rocky pitons or hike your way around, and take in a bit of culture by visiting the sumptuous (and ginormous!) Tiger Cave.

Despite the tourist crowds, the region has managed to retain its identity, and remain relatively well preserved. If you’re more of a “shopping and full-on partying” kind of person for the holidays, I wouldn’t recommend Krabi. However, if you happen to be passing by, and want to end your south-east Asian holidays with a few days of ultimate chilling, you’ve found the perfect spot. You’ll even have several dozens of small islands to choose from. So, ready to head east this winter?

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